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Francis Gouillart and James KellyFrancis Gouillart and James Kelly


Frenchman Gouillart (pictured right)  and American Kelly (pictured right below) are experts in corporate transformation (a radical improvement in an organization’s performance).



Key bookFrancis Gouillart and James Kelly

Transforming the Organization (1995)

The 4 R’s to achieve corporate transformation are:


1. Restructuring

Changing the organization’s structure and systems including

  • reengineering of processes. 
  • improving relationships with suppliers and distributors.


2. Revitalization

Changing through:

  • IT.
  • inventing new businesses.
  • a passion for customer satisfaction.


3. Renewal

Spiritually rejuvenating employees, so that they:

  • transform their attitudes.
  • flexibly adapt to changing customer requirements.

This is potentially the most powerful cause of transformation and achieved by:

  • appropriate rewards (linked to performance, individual fulfilment and learning). 
  • encouraging individual and organizational learning.


4. Reframing

Changing the organization’s view of itself and what it can achieve by:

  • creating a vision.
  • inspiring the workforce.


Key quote on corporate transformation

Without spirituality, there can be no transformation.


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