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Stephen Covey, Principle-Centred Leadership (1992)Stephen Covey, Principle-Centred Leadership (1992)


American expert in personal development and leadership (pictured right) who died in 2012.


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Book summary


Characteristics of principle-centred leaders 


Principle-centred leaders:Stephen Covey, Principle-Centred Leadership (1992)

  • inspire trust (because of character, principles, trust in others and sensitivity)
  • are continually learning
  • are service-oriented (seeing life as a mission to serve others).
  • radiate positive energy with optimism and enthusiasm.
  • believe in other people and their potential (with compassion, forgiveness and encouragement).
  • lead balanced lives (between work and leisure). Stephen Covey, Principle-Centred Leadership (1992)
  • see life as an adventure with passion about life and people.
  • achieve self-renewal – by regularly developing the four sides of their personality (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).
  • are synergetic – change catalysts who empower others (see below) to make creative improvements

 Stephen Covey, Principle-Centred Leadership (1992)

These attributes come from four interdependent factors:

  • security (based on self-esteem).
  • guidance (principles, standards and conscience).
  • wisdom (knowledge applied to life’s problems).
  • power (the strength and courage to act).



Empowerment (of employees) is dependent on:Stephen Covey, Principle-Centred Leadership (1992)

  • practices (what to do) being reinforced by principles (the reasons for doing it).
  • people’s capacity (character and skill) to take responsibility for their work.
  • support from the organization’s structure and systems.
  • mutual trust between management and employees.


Key quote on business success

Trust - or the lack of it - is at the root of success or failure in relationships and in the bottom-line results of business.


Key quote on leadership and management

The only way to treat people is how you want them to treat you.


Key quote on ethics

Correct principles are like compasses: they are always pointing the way.

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