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Globalization Quotes


Top 20 Globalization Quotes


No 1 (Best quote!)Globalization Quotes

The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village.

- Marshall McLuhan , pictured right, The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962)



No 2Globalization Quotes

The global corporation... sells the same thing in the same way everywhere.

- Theodore (Ted) Levitt, pictured right, The Globalization of Markets (1983 article)



No 3Globalization Quotes

I am a citizen of the world.

- Diogenes (404-323 BC), Greek philosopher, pictured right.


No 4

Think globally, act locally.

- Friends of the Earth (slogan, c.1985)



No 5Globalization Quotes

If you’re illiterate and living on one dollar a day, the benefits of globalization will never come to you.

- Jimmy Carter (1924- ), American president, pictured right.



No 6Globalization Quotes

A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.

- Mahatma ( Mohandas) Gandhi (1869-1948), Indian leader, pictured right.


 Globalization Quotes

No 7

Our future success depends on how well we understand the deepest motivations of our trading partners.

- Charles Hampden-Turner, pictured right and Fons Trompenaars, pictured right,The Seven Cultures Globalization Quotesof Capitalism (1994).



Michel de Montaigne (1533-92), the French writer and philosopher, pictured right below, also says we should Globalization Quotesrespect other cultures:

Everyone calls barbarism what is not customary to them.


No 8Globalization Quotes

The proprietor of stock is properly a citizen of the world and is not necessarily attached to any particular country.

- Adam Smith, pictured right, The Wealth of Nations (1776)



No 9

Globalization QuotesIncentives, effort, perseverance, innovation and especially competition are the source of economic progress in any nation and the basis for productive, satisfied citizens.

- Michael Porter, pictured right, The Competitive Advantage of Nations (1990)



No 10Globalization Quotes

Knowledge is the secret of success in the borderless world,

- Kenichi Ohmae, pictured right, The Borderless World (1990)



No 11Globalization Quotes

Abroad is bloody.

- George VI (1895-1952), pictured right, British king.



No 12

Globalization QuotesThe world’s mine oyster.

(Pistol in The Merry Wives of Windsor)

- William Shakespeare (1564-1616), English playwright, pictured right.



No 13Globalization Quotes

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,

(Jaques in As You Like It).

- William Shakespeare (1564-1616), pictured right, English playwright.



No 14Globalization Quotes

There is no such thing as a global village. Most media are rooted in their national and local cultures.

- Rupert Murdoch (1931- ), Australian-born American businessman, pictured right.



No 15Globalization Quotes

If globalization were a sport, it would be the 100-metre dash, over and over and over. And no matter how many times you win, you have to race again the next day.

- Thomas Friedman, pictured right, in Lexus and the Olive Tree (1999)



No 16Globalization Quotes

The driving idea behind globalization is free-market capitalism,

- Thomas Friedman ,pictured right, Lexus and the Olive Tree (1999)



No 17Globalization Quotes

Nations succeed in industries where pressures are created that overcome inertia and promote ongoing improvement and innovation instead of an easy life.

- Michael Porter, pictured right, The Competitive Advantage of Nations (1990)



No 18Globalization Quotes

Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.

- Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), pictured right, American president.



No 19Globalization Quotes

My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.

- Thomas Paine 1737–1809, the English philosopher, pictured right.



No 20Globalization Quotes

Our country is the world, our countrymen are all mankind.,

- William Lloyd Garrison (1805-79), American abolitionist, pictured right.

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