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Seneca - Philosophy, Happiness and SuccessSeneca - Philosophy, Happiness and Success


Seneca (c.4 BC- 65 AD)


Roman philosopher (pictured right), politician and teacher of Emperor Nero.

Forced to commit suicide by his political enemies.


His tips on happiness and success

 Seneca - Philosophy, Happiness and Success

1. Learn from good and bad experiences

Learning is for a better life, not just for academic qualifications.

Accept your mistakes and problems and learn from them.


  • strengthen the mind 
  • develop virtues like courage, patience and endurance.



2. Enjoy yourself but be self-disciplinedSeneca - Philosophy, Happiness and Success

  • enjoy the good things in life (food, drink etc).
  • have the self-discipline to control your desires (see point 3).
  • stay in control of your life.
  • live for today without worrying about tomorrow.

 Seneca - Philosophy, Happiness and Success

3. Use your money wisely

Do something useful and worthwhile with your money, but don’t be a slave to it (so have self-discipline).


4. Challenge yourselfSeneca - Philosophy, Happiness and Success

  • dare to do great and new things in your life.
  • push yourself to make the most of your ability.


5. Giving and receiving

Immediately forget what you give, but never forget what you receive.

Give as you would receive “cheerfully, quickly and without hesitation”.

It is just as important to acknowledge a good deed, as do it, but always ask for something you need with confidence.

 Seneca - Philosophy, Happiness and Success

6. Know when to speak and shut up

Silent listening is equally important as speaking wisely (which needs knowledge, because “speech is the mirror of the mind”).


7. Love and humility


a) be kind to other people

Never say you’re too busy to help them.


b) humbly respect people's views

(remembering your own ignorance).

 Seneca - Philosophy, Happiness and Success

c) trust the right people

Trusting everyone is just as wrong as trusting no one.



8. Be brave

Seneca was a believer in Stoicism i.e. physical and moral courage are essential for success.

“Life without the courage for death is slavery”, he said.

Seneca - Philosophy, Happiness and Success


9. Stay healthy

You can’t live without your body, so look after it.




Key quote on vision and objectives

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.


Key quotes on death

The worst evil of all is to leave the ranks of the living before one dies.

Life without the courage for death is slavery.


Key quote on fear and anxiety

Where fear is, happiness is not.


Key quote on happiness

Expecting is the greatest impediment to living. In anticipation of tomorrow, it loses today.


Key quote on stress and pain

We become wiser by adversity; prosperity destroys our appreciation of the right.


Key quote on quality

It is quality rather than quantity that matters.


Key quote on success

Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.


Key quote on positive thinking

A man’s as miserable as he thinks he is.


Key quote on money

It is not the man who has little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.


Key quote on influencing people

It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.

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